Just remembered something that could be a great learning experience for all of us.

Back in 2006, I was new to the US, and were looking around to buy a used recliner. We saw a good deal on Craigslist in DC area. So, we called their number and left a VoiceMail. Few minutes later, someone called, it wasn’t them, it was someone on their behalf. I requested tospeak with them? The gentleman on the other side said consider you’re speaking with them. I replied saying can we please get to know when we can come and talk about the recliner. He said you can come today at 10AM at this so-n-so address.

We drove there. DC parking is a pain anyways, and we called the number again. Again VoiceMail, and the same gentleman returned our call. I requested again to speak with them directly. I was a bit agitated. First off, no parking, then we have to leave VoiceMail and then wait for someone else to speak on their behalf.

In  a moment of agitation, I almost gave up types and told myself I’ll buy from some other place. But then we were already there, so I told myself to hang on for another few mintues. Few minutes later, the same gentleman called again. Told us take so-n-so left, etc. and park, the owner will meet you. We were waiting already and quite agitated.

And what do we see. This old couple in their late 60s walk towards us. They both can’t speak or hear. This place was for folks who can’t speak or hear and it was an old age home for the special ones. I felt a huge gulp in my throat and I was almost in tears. I felt guilty about being agitated. I felt horrible about behaving that way even though I never said anything rude to them. Fact is, I knew I was being judgmental. I made up my mind and made a story on my own in my own mind that such and such is the reason for them not talking with us.

I just remembered this story and had to share with you all. Why? Because we tend to judge people a lot. Especially their silence. When folks go silent with us, we tend to take it personally. I did that. I judged too soon. There’s not just one perspective, and it comes with being secure. Being secure with yourself. Being confident about who you are as a person. Sometimes you have to get your head out of your self and start looking at things from someone else’s perspective. 

Oh, the recliner? Yeah, purchased with no negotiations. I still can’t forget the humble and thankful look on their faces. They put their palms on their lips and gave flying kisses as a thank you sign.

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