My5Fitness has become a huge industry and it should be, and we are introduced to so many gadgets everyday, which is cool and all but the one thing that no gadget has been able to tell us in our face, honestly and brutally, is commitment, hard work and sincerity. These gadgets can help you track better, keep more accountable, and if you have extra money to spend on fancy stuff, then f**** do it. I absolutely despise fancy shit and that’s just me. I try and keep it as simple and as brutally honest as possible. But know that simple may not be easy.Whatever gadget you use, do make sure it’s an add on and not a replacement for the basic stuff that is important.

So, here’s my top 5 must-have’s from a fitness perspective.

1) A Pull Up Bar, Basic Set of Dumbbells and a Program to Follow

The human body was designed to climb, and a pull up bar is an absolute must-have in your gym. There a ton of options in the market and the best way to go about it would be look for a sturdy bar, with lot of grip options to make the most out of it. Ideally, if a pull up bar is drilled to the ceiling, it’s much better than the removable ones for safety reasons. Or if you could go to a nearby park, you could use the ones there.

Regarding dumbbells, again, many options out there, adjustable dumbbells, plate dumbbells, hex dumbbells. Hex rubber dumbbells are the best, because hex dumbbells don’t roll like the plates and if you have a wooden floor, they don’t scratch and spoil the floor.

Have a program to follow, you don’t enroll in a University without a plan. Treat a fitness routine that way. Think of it as a complete program and when you complete the program, it’s time for a new program. I am a Beachbody Coach, so you can choose any program from my website and I will earn money from your purchases, sounds awesome to me. Or you can go to and check out some of the free programs available there. Either ways, your choice. Do whatever the f*** you want to do, but have a plan.

2) Good Shoes

You really think this needs an explanation? Get your ass out of your home and buy a nice pair of cross training shoes. Check out this video where I explain which shoes I recommend. You make your own choice. There are plenty of options in the market to confuse us consumers anyways.

3) Rumble Roller

Rumble Rollers are great for myofascial release (wow, fancy English word, clap clap!). Simply put, it’s a great way to reduce soreness, increase blood circulation and sorta massage for yourself. Especially areas of pain in the upper back and neck especially for folks who are at their office and sit like a shrimp all day long.

4) MyFitnessPal Phone App

I’ve been talking about this app since 4 years and recently Under Armor bought this company for obvious reasons. It took off really well with Fitness Enthusiasts and like I always say tracking your nutrition goes hand in hand with your training. This is a free app and I have a detailed video on how to use the app. Check it out.

5) Supplements and Nutrition

A fitness enthusiast has higher nutritional needs. Some of the basic supplements such as Multi-Vitamins, Shakeology, Fish Oil, Whey, etc. are necessary supplements that are a must for almost everyone. Some other supplements that are situational may not be for everyone. Check it out.

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