I saw a Ted Talks video that talked about Mathematical equations and Statistics of a marriage. Basically it was on the lines of how mathematical equations can be used to predict whether or not a marriage would be successful or not. And it suddenly hit me – isn’t this similar to Numerology or Kundali milaana being practiced for the longest time?????

Most people who try and pretend and act modern talk about not believing in those things. But when it’s on Ted Talks or the western world talks about in a presentation format, it’s looked up to with awe. And to be honest they don’t even realize that these two are the exact same thing.

Not believing in something because you don’t understand it doesn’t make you modern. In fact, it’s the most “dehati” thing you can do. Knowledge is knowledge, but when delivered in Englisssss, it has more weightage.

See sample equation below. When you break it down, it actually comes down to basic common sense interaction. While we love looking at complex equations even if we don’t understand them (Interstellar??) few things are really basic.

I really wonder why ancient civilizations, especially India, need so much validation from the West. Can anyone help me understand? I’m not trying to deride the West or the East, please that’s not the point.

English mein bolo to sab phantastic hai bhaaya.

Love and Gratitude,


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