You might have seen many memes and jokes online on the subject below. And honestly there is nothing novel about what I’m writing but I’m doing it in my own style. In order to sound intelligent, I will be using mathematical equations and throw random technical words at you.

Fun physics and fitness fact –

W=mg (Weight = mass x gravitational force). Calculated in pounds or kilograms; the Force exerted however is referred to in Newton (that’s why the term – “Dharti pe Bojh” comes into play), because “Bojh” = Force. This line had nothing to do with the blog, I just wanted to sound intelligent. 

According to the equation above, there are two ways to lose weight –

1) Relocate to a different planet where g < 9.8 m/sec^2.
“g” in the above equation changes. Bingo – you lost weight.

2) Talk about Weight in the SI system. You change the metric system, talk about weight in Kilograms, you lose weight.

However, we focus on changing “m” in the equation above because relocating to a different planet might not have WiFi coverage and that’s not something without we are willing to live without right? So let’s stay on planet Earth. The metric system, oh well. Anyways.

The reason why I’m talking about this is although weight is a measure of how heavy or light one is, our body composition is not measured just by measure of weight. Yes certainly it’s good for our joints to stay in a healthy weight range but focusing on changing body composition and taking weight as part of the equation makes more sense.

Long story short, training to perform and keeping track of body composition would help you better.

Click here to learn how to measure body fat percentage.

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