There two ways to hurt others.

One is physically. Being violent. This is what happens in uncivilized societies amongst uncivil people. Physical threat is used in order to exhibit force. Usually happens in the absence of law and order and a corrupt society.

In civilized societies, people use another tactic; it’s called humiliation, embarrassment. This is usually used in civilized societies where violence is prohibited. But humans hai hum log, aukad to dikhani hai, so we bend the law without breaking it. We stay within the legal bounds and humiliate and embarrass each other, exhibiting power play, which has no legal repercussions whatsoever.

Both cause stress.

In the western societies, political correctness has given a lot of stress to people where they are constantly under pressure to be diplomatic. Such behaviors usually create a volcanic effect. Meaning, after years of suppressing your feelings, it comes out suddenly in very bad extreme ways.

When someone in the Western Society speaks their mind, it’s an act of courage. In India, a roadside chai wala vendor also speaks their mind. Its considered an act of courage if and when they are diplomatic.

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