Should Military Training be mandatory?



I have huge amount of respect for the Military, Law Enforcement Officers and for positions that protect and serve the country. So should you. Having said that do you believe Military training should be mandatory for everyone?

I think so, yes. It absolutely should be. Let’s take a look at the facilities around us. Let’s take a look at the ungrateful people around us living in their cozy homes and complaining about the problems. Bickering and fighting and feeling entitled to everything they have, everything they do. All they do is blame technology for human disconnect, blame chowmein for rapes in India. Yes that’s a fact, as astounding as it may sound. They blame every ounce of the system and at the same time, do nothing to be a part of the solution. Absolutely nothing. They talk, they complain and they criticize anyone who works hard to bring improvements but they do nothing.

I haven’t served the Military, but I have trained in Martial Arts. Can I compare Martial Arts training with Military? Absolutely not. But I can compare the philosophy and the things you learn being in a place where there’s something called “discipline”. I don’t see that with a lot of people. Most people believe that they are entitled to what they have. Discipline and Gratitude are the missing elements. I’m not referring to a certain generation, this applies everywhere.

When you have to be in the Martial Art class for an hour, rain or sunshine, bare feet, train with your Sensei and endure all the beatings for an hour long, you prepare for life. Most people used to ask me who are you going to fight. It’s not so much about the fight with anyone else, it’s with yourself. Discipline is a state of mind. Most people don’t get that. It’s about testing your mind, body, will power, team spirit and friendships. While some folks already are grateful for what they have, many others develop it when their training is complete. The bed they sleep on, the food they get at their table, the clean clothes, everything that was simple and taken for granted has a different sense of respect and love. Everything changes. Not because the world has changed but because you have.

I can only imagine Military Training being much much more. So yeah, it should be mandatory for everyone so everyone is a soldier when the need be and the gratitude you develop for the simple things in life give you the most happiness.

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