It’s amazing what people can do with little appreciation. Social media is one of those places where people interact and communicate and so much initiative has taken place from emotions that dictate appreciation, sharing, communicating. Some have also earned money during the process.

If more people take in the fact that many people are motivated by support, encouragement and positivity, imagine the possibilities. Not by salary raises, not by fear, not by insecurity but one thing and one thing only – support, trust, positivity.

Money is a default parameter, we all need money whether we chase our dreams or not, but the key thing is the support we receive, changes everything. Accelerates the process. Makes it happy. Work done is more efficient.

Modernization has killed our trust to a large extent. When profits come into play, human emotions are at the end of the list. Not a priority. It becomes a chain reaction and people lose faith in altruism. Everything becomes a business deal, you give me this in exchange for this. What that implies is if you have nothing to offer, you will not receive help.

Think about it.

Love and Gratitude,


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