A Letter To Every Woman In My Life

I’m not a writer but because I have this channel for sharing my thoughts and views, I write. The verbal section on the dp1GRE was by far the most excruciating experience during my education days. But, as they say (don’t know who “they” are, but sounds nice), when you want to say something from your heart, words are not the limiting factor.

So, to all the women in my life, I want to take this time to convey a few things –

You have given me strength, energy, courage to do the things that I want to and have been able to. I connect with you on a very different level, because you think emotionally, you follow your heart, you have a vibe, you’re intuitive, you have a very strong sixth sense to be able to know and tell if something is or isn’t right. Whether be it a situation, a job interview, a friend, a place, anything. You sometimes are not able to put it in the right words, but you know something’s right or not. It just is. Don’t listen to people who don’t trust your intuition. Don’t fall for the logic trap. It’s OK, just go with what you believe is correct.

You create balance, you nurture relationships, you care for people around you, you’re mindful of the way you talk so no one is hurt. Sometimes you choose not to even express yourself, because your first priority is to keep peace, avoid conflict. You make adjustments throughout your lives to keep the balance and still keep going. You’re subjected to gender roles sometimes but keep going in-spite of the unfairness. You connect broken relationships, you’re ten steps ahead of everyone, looking at your surroundings, you absorb every detail there is, you have a natural protective instinct that makes you “YOU”.

I don’t know how many people are, in fact, comfortable saying this to the women in their life without being judged. But I’ll say it anyways – I love you very very much. Every woman in my life, yes, you are special, each one of you. If and when I would meet you in person, I would play the piano for you, crack a joke or two, heck even become a clown just to see you laugh because your laughter is infectious. For those who think of this blog in the wrong way, I don’t even owe you an explanation because you won’t understand the feeling behind this write-up, no matter how I explain it. So, forget it. I know the right people are getting the right message with this letter.

If we men had half the EQ as you, the world would be a much better place. And you know there’s a reason why we call it “Mother Nature”. It’s not a gender biased thing, but somewhere along the line, we all know for a fact that Nature is caring, protective and that’s something only a woman can do.

Coach V
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