The first iPhone launched in 2007, the iPhone 2G. I got this iPhone 2G from back then and here’s a quick overview/fun facts w.r.t. comparing the most recent iPhone with the first model.

• No front camera. I took this picture with the back camera after multiple attempts😄. Does this still qualify as a selfie? The volume button does not click pictures, and no screenshot options.

• One YouTube icon/tab, notice the orange color icon that looks like an old television. Well the word YouTube comes from Cathode Ray Tube which was originally used in televisions. Hence the word, YouTube.

• Can’t edit the pictures, cannot text the pictures as attachments.

• iPod icon/tab, wonder what that is. iTunes replaced this tab over the course of time perhaps?

• No swipe up/down for Airplane/ WiFi on/off, no double-click home button, etc.

• No Force Touch, no Siri, no video recording, no fingerprint, no AirPlay, obviously.

A whole lot of options we take for granted today did not exist in 2007 and iPhone was and is still ever-evolving. Whether you like it or not, Apple has changed the telecom world a lot! In a great way, in a brilliant way!

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