The Indian Woman – A Prisoner?

I am a man and I’m writing this blog because I felt that maybe I understand this topic better than women themselves perhaps because some women might have lived a certain way for so long they may not even realize they’re prisoners and they perhaps even feel its OK to live that way. Is the Indian Woman a Prisoner of the society, her family, past, present, future? Giving up her family name, facing an identity crisis at some points, taking it all quietly and just living the life others have told her to live?

A girl/woman is born and it is automatically assumed she has to learn cooking food because apparently the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m all for cooking, I think it’s a great skill set to have to be independent and to be on your own but I wonder why men are never told to learn to cook food for themselves. Associating gender with roles and responsibilities begin at a very early age for the girl. She is told to behave herself while the boys are told, its OK to be boys, you know the drift. When a girl goes to school, she has to put her head down and walk for fear of looking at a boy in his eyes. For that act might be considered as provocation and if the boys do something criminally insane, the girl will automatically be blamed. If the girl is talking to boys, she is automatically labeled as characterless. She has no right to love anyone. She has no right to have or pursue hobbies. If she says no to her family to get married to a boy or their choice or just not get married at all, she is abused by her own family. If she says no to that psycho stalker, she is burnt with acid or stabbed in broad daylight and people blame the girl’s clothes, her attire and blame her for others misconduct. That includes the (in)justice system as well who may even come and blame chowmein for having scientific studies back their nonsensical statements. Aphrodisiacs. They argue. 

If she agrees to get married after constant pressure, she changes her last name, faces some amount of identity crisis and now has to listen to the husband, for he is the bread winner, never mind the fact that she maybe more capable, educated and ambitious than the boy. But she hides behind her fate not because she is afraid, but because she wants to keep peace above all. She may have kids when she’s not ready because again pressure from all sides of the family. If she wants to pursue her education, she is supposed to take care of the kids, never mind the father knows jack-sh!# about what kids want to eat or what they’re trying to say. And what can I talk about sex. She has to give in even when she is not wanting to. Everything with the Indian woman revolves around duty, being a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother and not once, I mean, not once will anyone ask her what are her needs. She was owned by her parents, now is owned by her husband, like an object. All. Her. Life. 

Look, I’m not an activist or anything of that sort, neither am I saying treat the boys badly or anything on those lines. I’m talking about equality here, let’s not defeat the purpose by treating one gender better or worse than the other. Children are awesome and need to be treated well, girls and boys both. I just have a way to voice my opinion, and I’m just doing that, perhaps even if one person can help make a change and educate a girl child, maybe we can make a difference. I don’t know. But better than not doing anything. Also, this is not something I’m trying to show off or anything to prove that I’m such a good guy or anything; I could care two hoots about what you think of me, whatever, cr@#, why do I have to even clarify these points? All I’m saying is, the more education a girl child has, the more power she will have in the future. As men, we also need to stop saying “empower women”, they’re already much more stronger than us. The judicial system and society have suppressed them, they don’t need empowerment from men, they just need a good judicial system and that can only happen when they are educated, independent and not labeled.

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This is not a generalized post about bashing men, it’s just that major percentage of men in the Indian society behave this way, not all, mind you. Thanks for understanding. Disclaimer is done.

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