Do Opposites Really Attract?

If you were to ask me this question 10-12 years back, my answer would be YES! Absolutely! Opposites do attract. But see here’s the thing, I spent a lot of my life learning and teaching Physics, so the logic of magnets stays in my head. It’s ingrained and by default my answer is Yes, Opposites attract. Let’s go beyond magnets for a little bit. Let’s talk about you and me, as in, humans, people.

There is a twofold logic to this equation. Growing up, we were always taught about Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, Fire and Ice; in other words, opposite energies balancing each other. With that logic seeping into our daily lives, we understood and misinterpreted the entire logic. When these examples are/were given, the logic is in terms of a person’s nature, not character, nature. Where 2 people can balance each other’s energies and show or exhibit a different perspective when it comes to day to day situations. Especially crucial when it comes to handling conflict or making future decisions. The way we interpreted the statement was that no matter what, opposites do balance each other in any domain. That is not at all true; people work with each other with similarities. Take a look at your best friends around you, chances are you and them are quite similar to each other. When organizations interview folks, they like to hire people that believe in their mission statement and philosophy and goals; you’d wonder why this would not be any different when it comes to life partners.

Long story short, balancing energies is not the same thing as being opposites. Totally 2 different things but apni mahaan janta jo hai, will make sure to interpret everything differently and pass it on to their future generations. I even doubt the History lessons we have learned. No idea what, how, when everything is/was interpreted and passed on.

Love and Gratitude,