We are a team of friends prepping for the Spartan “Sprint” Race in September 2017 and created this hybrid geared towards the Spartan Race. The Spartan race is a 3 mile – 5 mile race along with lot of obstacles including crawling under barbed wires, rope climbs, hill climb, mud run, etc. (you can the video below). 

The workouts and the training have to be geared towards being more functional in movement, which includes various aspects of fitness. Note the hybrid has been built using Beachbody programs such as Insanity ASYLUM Vol.1, Insanity ASYLUM Vol.2, P90X3 and outdoor training. Along with that, we found out a gym locally that has Ninja Warrior Obstacles so the idea is to incorporate that into our training so we can measure progress along with performance. Goal is to be able to complete the obstacles and beat our own time each weekend. The gym cost is $20 per month with no contract and we only need access for the weekends. And let’s face it, we cannot have the equipment and necessary tools in a park and garage gym will have its own limitations with respect to equipment and tools. 

The workouts from P90X3 incorporate Strength, Balance and many movements are Yoga based, which is why a dedicated day to Yoga has not been set. Mondays are off, so you can utilize that day to do basic stretching and Yoga from P90X3 or YouTube. Idea is to breathe and take a day off to give yourself the rest that is needed. 

From a Nutrition Stand Point – One size does not fit all, but I would suggest a 40c/30p/30f ratio to begin with. Follow the Insanity ASYLUM Nutrition guide and add calories if you’re bonking during the workouts. Start with adding one fruit, then Vegetables, go in that order. We can discuss more one-on-one on the nutrition portion of things because it all depends on your body weight, current age, height and what your goals are. For the Spartan Race, progress is going be measured by Body Fat Percentage, Weight on the Scale and Performance. 

Incorporating Shakeology or Supergreens of any type would be a good idea because you would want to restrict calories, not nutrients. Focusing on foods that help provide optimal nutrition ensures you have high quality nutrition with every bite of food you consume. That means no McDonalds, no junk food and preparing meals over the weekends for the week.


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