I’ve been reading about “Shortcut to Shred” on Bodybuilding.com and the whole concept of training in Phases and utilizing various principles of training has got me curious.

I’m going to utilize P90X and Body Beast as the training routines, you’ll know in a moment why…. Read on….

Why P90X and Body Beast

P90X and Body Beast are excellent in terms of lifting. The high weight, low rep days will be for P90X, since there is more free hand movement, which means you can wear a weighted vest for lower reps. With Body Beast, you can control the weights to move up in terms of reps. Secondly, both these routines have the same Body parts as part of the workouts. Easier to design plus there is variety in terms of functional v/s isolation.


There are a total of 3 Phases. Phase 1 is Week 1, Phase 2 is Weeks 2 and Weeks 3. Phase 3 is Weeks 4,5, 6.

See sheet below. With each changing phase, the amount of reps change and the nutrition is changed accordingly.


For all the phases, the protein and fat are kept the same. You cycle carbs. I’ve changed the nutrition to keep it realistic, you can try and do the same and see what works best for you.

Cardio Acceleration in between sets

Since there is no changing weight in between sets, while the workout crew on the DVDs are changing sets, that’s a good place to insert the cardio acceleration moves in between.

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