So, what is my obsession with Tony Horton’s programs? It’s simple. His programs focus on all aspects of fitness and have a purpose. 

Having done P90X which was more a basic fitness routine, then P90X2 which was more athletic focused training, and now recently having completed P90X3, which was more of getting back to basics with more core/balance focused routine, I felt it’d be great to have a program that takes the best of all three and having P90X2 as the baseline from a Phase perspective (move up from Foundation Phase to Strength Phase to Performance Phase) would be a good idea. 

Believe it or not, folks who do Insanity, Asylum, CrossFit are in a state of over-training most of the time. Body Beast is great, but it’s one aspect of P90X, the lifting aspect and can be used here during the Strength Phase. Remember, fitness is all about learning and appreciating all the aspects. So, you can move better, be more agile and be more performance oriented.

Why P90X2 as baseline?

P90X was more focused on getting you fit. And once anyone completes P90X, it does get redundant, and repeating a workout program more a certain no. of times will defeat the purpose of muscle confusion. In short, the muscles know when you’re going to confuse them. So, they are not confused anymore. It’s like our teacher told us in school “You have a surprise test on Monday” LOL

P90X2 is more athletic training with a defined purpose. The purpose is to build a strong foundation, core, balance, strength,speed and utilize all the elements put together for performance.  

Why P90X3 in the mix?

P90X3 has some amazing routines from a core, balance, point of view. And all that put together in 30 minutes is a winner. You’ll see from my hybrid, most of the X3 routines will be on Friday and weekends are rest/recovery. Friday’s are days when you want short workouts and get some family/social time. 

Every phase has been very carefully designed. Every workout picked for each phase has a purpose. The phases are the same as P90X2, Foundation, Strength, Performance. 

Foundation Phase

Has the necessary key workouts from P90X2. Total Synergistics from P90X3, since it’s a cross between Core work and Total Body workout. Isometrix for recovery since this Phase will be all out focused on Balance and Core. Isometrix is exactly that.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.48.48 PM

Strength Phase

Simply laid out. Hitting the Ab Routines 3x per week and really crushing the core. Old School lifting from P90X and the only X2 workouts are Chest, Back and Balance and Base and Back. X3 Yoga for Recovery, since it’s relatively lighter and all other days, we will be working really hard.

You could replace Eccentric Lower with Body Beast Bulk/Build Legs or alternate between the two. I wanted to take the Plyo element out on this day, because Base/Back will be all Plyometrics. This is where Body Beast can really boost this phase since it’s all out lifting Phase. Body Beast legs workouts are amazing and you could alternate between Build and Bulk legs for added variety.

You could also substitute for Ab Ripper X in this Phase.


Performance Phase

Will be utilizing P.A.P. Upper/Lower and Complex Upper/Lower workouts. Dynamix will be a better choice here for recovery since this is performance phase and the heavy duty movements from P.A.P. and Complex workouts require that kind of recovery.


Recovery/Transition Weeks

Each Recovery/Transition week has PilatesX and Yoga from all the three series. There’s a different cardio routine during the recovery weeks. You can utilize the ones you prefer, I like the ones I put in the routine. 

Accelerate…. with a Purpose!

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