You might have seen a lot of hybrids on the Internet where most people take 2-3 workouts programs and create a hybrid with no purpose, no focus whatsoever.

In this hybrid (I’m calling it multi-dimensional), the focus is not on the program, but on the aspect that each program offers. Or rather, the aspect from each exercise/workout from each program.

Fitness has various aspects. Since my hybrids focus largely on a 5 day split, with 2 days of rest/recovery, I’ve divided these aspects into mainly 5 subsets.

  1. Strength, Endurance and Conditioning.
  2. Cardio, Plyometrics and Stamina.
  3. Balance and Power.
  4. Recovery and Stretching.
  5. Performance and Application.

Days 1-4 is prep work, Day 5 is application. Day 5 is what gives the program a purpose, a definite goal in terms of performance.

Multi-Dimensional Hybrid

The color coding helps segregate every workout from every workout program and you can pick and choose from each training program. This hybrid is like no other hybrid on the Internet and is designed to encompass most aspects of fitness and giving it an appropriate purpose from a performance point of view.

If you need help setting up a hybrid with the workout programs you have, feel free to contact me and I can help you setup a hybrid with the programs you have and your goals.

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