I know a lot of folks who would like to get Shakeology shipped outside the United States and Canada as part of a healthy diet. But for now, as we all know, Shakeology is limited to customers only in the USA and Canada. 

It seems there is a solution. 

Click here to get directed to a website “MyUS.Com“, and create your account. They will provide you with a free USA address that you can utilize to sign up on teambeachbody, and get your orders placed. MyUS.Com will receive your shipment and they will ship it Internationally directly to you. 

Disclaimer: Of course, their services come with a cost, and that is something you have to explore on your own. I am just suggesting a method to you. Please also make sure the list of ingredients are allowed in your Country, so the package is not stuck due to Customs or anything of that sort. I’ve had my friends order from my website in Dubai and India and the packages have reached directly to them safely, but that doesn’t guarantee you will too. I just want to make it very clear that I am not affiliated with MyUS.Com in any which way and I get no kickback or credit if you use their website. My blog is not a guarantee that this method will work 100%, but I can speak with confidence knowing that they have done a good job in the past. Please explore your options by visiting their website directly and find out if this is something that would help you get Shakeology in your Country. User assumes all risk associated with using MyUS.Com.

FitnessYodha.Com and it’s owner is not to be held accountable or liable for any shipment damages, loss or anything associated with MyUS.Com

If you would like to buy Shakeology from this website, click here.

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